Objective: This meeting is designed to coordinate and collaborate across the seven critical operational segments that are vital to successful ideation, innovation, translation, and implementation of neural engineering solutions to medical needs. By strengthening and harmonizing a common vision and voice the neural engineering industry will more efficiently meeting the needs of those that need the technology. The meeting will be most successful if we can arrive at the 1° moment for all us. That is to assess what 1° change in what we do today in our positions of leadership will provide the biggest impact on the success and growth of the field. The meeting is organized to establish the Vision and 'WHY' neural engineering matters in 20 years, and the 5-10 year goals to achieve the vision on Wednesday; on Thursday, determine 'WHAT' the field needs to do over the next 2-5 years to move to fulfill the vision; and on Friday and 'HOW' each of us can make a small, but strategic change in what we do daily to reach meet the goals needed to realize the vision.

More information coming soon.

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