Workshop 2015

What is ClevelandNEW 2015?

ClevelandNEW is a facilitated, participant-driven workshop. Instead of passive listening, all attendees and organizers are participants, with discussion leaders providing moderation and structure for sessions. This non-traditional format is centered on integrated working groups identifying opportunities; preparation and participation are essential.


This open workshop will bring together leaders with the resources and long-term horizon to establish collaborations with researchers to achieve key advances.


Neuromodulation and neural technology are becoming a standard of care in many areas of medical care. Technology, however, is often perceived as difficult as and more involved than pharmaceutical intervention, from both the clinician and patient perspective. In consumer electronics the most successful technology is that which solves a consumer’s need, provides value, and seamlessly fits into the consumer’s life, one feels like "It Just Works".

Advanced technology is necessary, but not sufficient to achieve the goal of "It Just Works". Every aspect of the value chain, from research to transfer to development to implementation, must work together to be successful.

Workshop Objective

Bring together key players and experts across the value chain of neuromodulation and neural engineering to discuss the most effective practices to develop and translate neural technology and create a network of collaborators to achieve “It Just Works”. This is a completely unique venue that will focus on the entire spectrum of neural engineering. The objectives are to:

  • Incorporate the work from ClevelandNEW 2011 and 2013:

    • The documented best practices and operations in each aspect of neural engineering delivery that will improve the entire delivery process so that "It Just Works". When in the research process (timeline) should these topics be considered?

    • Ideas for overcoming identified barriers in the chain of delivery of neural engineering technology.

  • Strengthen resources and networks across the value chain of delivery of neural engineering technology. Who can provide assistance/resources?

  • With these two elements in mind, build an integrative roadmap from bench top to patient/user adoption.

Workshop Format

  • Day 1: Reassess/re-evaluate where we left off in 2013; any new or missing topics

  • Day 2: Explore topics & generate ideas for road maps

  • Day 3: Refine and prioritize to 1 or 2 objectives for the group as a whole; additional objectives will have material to pursue by subgroups or individuals Create finished products – summary session materials, first draft of white paper


  • Document and promote research roadmap developed

  • Establish a “Resource Guide” to support the process of moving neural engineering technology through the value chain.

  • Continue with functioning network and community supporting clinical solutions that “Just Work” hosted at

  • Participants better positioned for their own work post Workshop.

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