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2017 ClevelandNEW

What is ClevelandNEW 2020?

ClevelandNEW is a facilitated, participant-driven workshop. Instead of passive listening, all attendees and organizers are participants, with discussion leaders providing moderation and structure for sessions. This non-traditional format is centered on integrated working groups identifying opportunities; preparation and participation are essential.


The neural engineering and neuromodulation community is rapidly growing. Successful innovation and clinical translation of approaches to disease management and treatment is making a significant impact on healthcare and quality of life. However, this community needs to speak with a common voice to further promote its mission and make an impact on all dimensions of its success. The ClevelandNEW meeting addresses this need.


Innovation in medical technology for neural systems to address rehabilitation problems has made a significant impact on people’s lives. The clinical applications that can benefit from neural technology are expanding rapidly beyond rehabilitation to domains traditionally considered amenable to pharmacological solutions only. The BRAIN initiative, interest from major pharma companies in bioelectronics medicine, optogenetics, and other major developments are fueling the growth of and need for advancements in neural engineering technology. The translation of innovative technology from concept to clinical care is a long and complex path that involves many entities including users, clinicians, innovators/developers, industry, regulatory bodies, reimbursement agencies, and funding sources. Further, it is an international endeavor. The timeline of innovation to clinic is currently very lengthy. The balance between ensuring user safety and rapidly implementing the most innovative and beneficial technology requires coordinated and optimized interactions between each of these stakeholders. As put by a meeting participant, “It has taken too long to get where we are at!" It takes too long to deliver technological innovations to the user. There is significant need and opportunity to develop strategic plans, infrastructure, and practices to ensure that safe and effective technology is developed and delivered to users in a far more rapid and efficient manner. To this end, the NEW meeting has developed a common vision statement for the community: 

The Neural Engineering Community is dedicated to fostering an ecosystem that catalyzes consumer, academic, industry, and government collaboration to develop and deploy the best solutions to reach consumers in the most efficient means possible to have a positive impact on human care and ability.

Workshop Objective

Bring together key players and experts across the value chain of neuromodulation and neural engineering to discuss the most effective practices to develop and translate neural technology; create a community dedicated to promotion and growth of the field; and create and evolve the common Roadmap for this community. This is a completely unique venue that will focus on the strategic direction and coordination of the entire spectrum of neural engineering and neuromodulation to eliminate bottlenecks and enhance development of new and advanced technology.

Workshop Format

The workshop consists of focused discussion groups of the thought leaders and innovators in this community. The meeting is structured by small discussion groups to capture everyone’s ideas that then converge to capture the most common and pressing strategic issues. The 2019 format is currently in planning and details will be posted as soon as they are available.

The result of the meeting will be a common Roadmap to guide strategic activities and directions for the continued growth and success of neural engineering and neuromodulation therapies and discoveries. The current Roadmap is here. It is meant to be a living document and will evolve as a result of the ClevelandNEW meetings and satellite strategic workshops held between the biennial meetings.

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