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Workshop 2020


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Previous Workshops

What is ClevelandNEW?

In 2011, ClevelandNEW brought together scientists, engineers, clinicians and research participants to identify common research goals.

In 2013, our community identified obstacles and more integrative approaches to accelerate progress of neural engineering and assistive technologies.

In 2015, we built on our collective efforts of the past 2 workshops to define a research road map that integrates the entire continuum from bench top to successful implanting of neural assistive devices into patients. We continue to develop resource guides and an online community in the

In 2017, the meeting was divided into 7 themes as identified during NEW 2013 and confirmed at NEW 2015. We worked to 1) establish why we are here (i.e., our common motivational force), 2) describe our vision of what the field should look like in 10-20 years, focusing on 2-5 goals, 3) define ​the small changes in our daily activity that will shift the course of action toward our unified vision.

ClevelandNEW is not a conference. It brings the neural engineering leaders from industry, academia, and government together as a resource and forum committed to providing the neural technology solutions for individuals with neurological disorders or injury. The workshop is an effort to identify the opportunities and roadblocks for improving clinical care, bolster the neural engineering community, and develop a cohesive vision and plan for the field to best advance neural technology for the next century.